34 Best Jobs For 20 Year Olds To Kickstart Your Career

Best Jobs For 20 Year Olds: Whether you’ve recently completed high school, are navigating through college, or are eager to kickstart your career, here’s some exciting news for you!

A multitude of job opportunities awaits, ready for you to dive in and start earning!

So, put on your explorer’s hat as we embark on a journey through this blog. Here, we’ll uncover a variety of intriguing jobs that align with your interests and skills.

Bid farewell to the uncertainty that often clouds our career choices and get prepared to welcome clear, illuminating insights.

Best Jobs For 20 Year Olds To Start Making Money

1. Teaching Assistant

Let’s start by exploring a role that’s not just fulfilling but also an excellent means of contributing to the community.

As a teaching assistant, you’ll serve as an invaluable asset in the classroom, offering support to educators and aiding students in understanding intricate subjects.

This role presents a wonderful chance to enhance your communication and leadership abilities while leaving a positive imprint on the development of young minds.

2. Childcare Provider

If you adore young children, stepping into the role of a childcare provider could be an ideal match for you.

Whether it involves babysitting, working at a daycare, or even serving as a nanny, this profession enables you to tap into your playful side while prioritizing the safety and joy of the younger generation.

Websites such as Care.com can assist you in finding opportunities for childcare and babysitting jobs.

3. Notary Public

Have you ever aspired to be the individual who validates significant documents? Well, as a notary public, that dream can become a reality!

It’s a simple yet vital responsibility where you observe and verify signatures, positioning yourself as an essential component of legal transactions.

4. Tire Technician

If you possess a talent for repairing things and don’t shy away from getting your hands a bit dirty, a career as a tire technician might be your perfect fit.

From fixing tires to carrying out replacements, this occupation keeps you active and engaged, ideal for individuals who appreciate a touch of physical activity in their job.

5. Veterinary Assistant

Animal enthusiasts, celebrate! As a veterinary assistant, you’ll serve as the indispensable aide to veterinarians, assisting with a wide range of tasks, including animal care and administrative duties.

This role beautifully merges your passion for animals with valuable practical experience in the field of veterinary medicine.

6. Housekeeper

If finding satisfaction in maintaining cleanliness is your forte, consider pursuing a position as a housekeeper.

Whether employed in a hotel, a private household, or aboard a cruise ship, the universal need for tidiness makes you the hero responsible for ensuring everything gleams and shines.

7. Bartender

If you have a knack for mixology and delight in social interactions, bartending might offer you a vibrant and sociable career path.

Beyond concocting distinctive cocktails, bartending involves becoming a trusted confidant to patrons, transforming it from merely a job to a captivating experience.

8. Phlebotomist

Overcome your fear of needles by pursuing a career as a phlebotomist!

This essential healthcare position entails extracting blood for diverse medical reasons.

It’s a role that brings a sense of duty and the gratification of understanding your pivotal role in the diagnostic procedure.

9. Administrative Assistant

In every office, there’s a requirement for unsung heroes, and that’s precisely where administrative assistants shine.

From organizing schedules to orchestrating meetings, this role ensures the seamless operation of an office.

It serves as an outstanding starting point for individuals seeking to grasp the intricacies of an organization.

10. Hair Stylist

If you’re enthusiastic about hairstyling and enjoy enhancing people’s appearance and confidence, pursuing a career as a hairstylist is an excellent choice.

From trendy haircuts to vibrant colors, you’ll be capturing attention and elevating confidence levels, one hairstyle at a time.

11. Electrician

For individuals who relish working with wires and circuits, pursuing a career as an electrician is an illuminating choice (pun intended, once more).

This hands-on profession revolves around installing and upkeeping electrical systems, establishing you as a vital component of the infrastructure that fuels our everyday activities.

12. Flight Attendant

If you have a love for travel and enjoy meeting new people, being a flight attendant might be your dream job.

Jet-setting around the world, providing excellent customer service, and experiencing different cultures – it’s a career that offers both adventure and a touch of glamour.

13. Accounts Payable Clerk

For those who have an affinity for numbers, here’s some good news! As an accounts payable clerk, you’ll oversee the financial aspects, guaranteeing timely bill payments and maintaining the company’s financial records.

This role necessitates meticulous attention to detail and offers valuable exposure to the realm of finance.

14. Human Resource Assistant

Serving as the liaison between employees and management, a human resource assistant assumes a people-oriented position encompassing tasks from recruitment to fostering employee relations.

This role presents an excellent chance to enhance interpersonal skills while actively contributing to the overall welfare of a company’s workforce.

15. Preschool Teacher

For individuals who have a natural inclination toward young children, pursuing a career as a preschool teacher can be highly fulfilling.

Molding young minds, nurturing creativity, and serving as a guiding influence during these formative early years— it’s a profession that creates a profound and lasting impact.

16. IT Support Specialist

Embrace your passion for technology by stepping into the role of an IT support specialist.

Resolving computer-related problems, providing assistance with software glitches, and being the primary resource for all things tech—this position keeps you actively engaged in our digital era.

17. Legal Assistant

For those intrigued by the legal field but not quite prepared for law school, starting as a legal assistant is an excellent entryway.

As a legal assistant, you’ll serve as an indispensable support to lawyers, managing research, preparing documents, and ensuring the seamless operation of the legal process.

18. Marketing Assistant

Dive into the vibrant world of marketing as an assistant in this field.

From overseeing social media campaigns to conducting market research, you’ll be at the forefront of promoting products and services.

This role offers the opportunity to unleash your creativity while gaining valuable insights into the business arena.

19. Electrical Technician

If you’re fascinated by the world of electricity but don’t want to go the full electrician route, being an electrical technician is a fantastic alternative.

From troubleshooting electrical systems to assisting in installations, you’ll be the behind-the-scenes hero keeping things powered up.

20. Police Officer

For individuals possessing a firm commitment to public safety and a strong sense of justice, embarking on a career as a police officer is a commendable choice.

It’s a demanding yet fulfilling profession centered around enforcing laws, preserving order, and serving as a cornerstone of support within the community.

21. Loan Officer

For individuals with a strong grasp of finance and a talent for evaluating risk, pursuing a career as a loan officer is a dependable and promising choice.

Whether employed by a bank or a mortgage company, you’ll play a pivotal role in aiding individuals and businesses to obtain the necessary financial assistance they require.

22.  IT Security Specialist

Amid a landscape of persistent cyber threats, IT security specialists emerge as the unsung heroes safeguarding digital domains.

They dedicate themselves to deploying security protocols and swiftly responding to incidents, positioning their career at the frontline of the ongoing battle against cybercrime.

23. Engineer

Across disciplines like civil engineering to mechanical engineering, the horizons are boundless.

Engineers hold pivotal roles in crafting and constructing the infrastructure that molds our world.

It’s a realm offering an array of specializations and avenues for groundbreaking innovation.

24. Junior Software Engineer

If you find thrill in coding and programming, transitioning into the realm of software engineering is a logical step forward.

As a junior software engineer, you’ll be engaged in crafting and upkeeping software, actively contributing to the technological evolution.

25. Social Worker

Create an impact in individuals’ lives by pursuing a career as a social worker.

From aiding families in turmoil to championing for marginalized communities, this profession demands empathy, compassion, and a steadfast dedication to social justice.

26. Landscape Architect

Individuals passionate about design and nature can explore a creative path by pursuing a career as a landscape architect.

Crafting outdoor spaces, parks, and green areas—this profession blends artistic flair with environmental awareness.

27. Accountant

If numbers, spreadsheets, and financial statements are your strengths, pursuing a career as an accountant is a natural progression.

This role encompasses overseeing finances, ensuring adherence to regulations, and maintaining a company’s fiscal well-being.

28. Teacher

Choosing to become a teacher is a rewarding career path for those passionate about a specific subject.

Whether it’s mathematics, science, or literature, you’ll have the opportunity to mold young minds and ignite inspiration in the upcoming generation.

29. Journalist

If you possess a talent for storytelling and a knack for staying informed, a career in journalism could be your true calling.

Whether reporting on local events or conducting investigative journalism, you’ll serve as the voice that keeps the community well-informed.

30. Park Ranger

For those passionate about nature, the role of a park ranger is a dream career.

As a park ranger, you’ll safeguard natural resources and enlighten visitors about wildlife, serving as the guardian of Mother Nature’s marvels.

31. Dental Hygienist

Ensure those bright smiles stay radiant by pursuing a career as a dental hygienist.

From teeth cleaning to educating patients on oral health, and collaborating with dentists—this essential role significantly contributes to overall well-being.

32. Radiological Technician

Explore the healthcare realm by becoming a radiologic technician.

Operating imaging equipment, aiding in diagnostic procedures, and playing a pivotal part in patient care—this occupation amalgamates technology with compassion.

33. Caregiver

A career as a caregiver can be exceptionally rewarding for individuals with a compassionate nature.

Whether providing assistance to the elderly or individuals with disabilities, being a caregiver entails offering crucial support and creating a significant impact in someone’s life.

34. Notary Public

Have you ever aspired to be the individual responsible for validating vital documents? Well, as a notary public, that dream can become a reality!

It’s a simple yet vital responsibility where you witness and authenticate signatures, positioning yourself as an indispensable figure in legal transactions.


Whew! That was quite a journey exploring various job options for individuals in their twenties.

Whether you’re inclined towards the nurturing roles of a teacher or childcare provider, the technical domains of an engineer or IT specialist, or the dynamic fields of marketing and journalism, there’s a job waiting for you out there.

Remember, this is just a glimpse of the diverse array of opportunities available. The key is to discover something that resonates with your passions, interests, and values.

So, take the plunge, explore, and embark on the thrilling adventure of shaping your career in the professional realm. Best of luck!


1. What are some good entry-level jobs for 20-year-olds?

Entry-level jobs suitable for 20-year-olds might include roles like administrative assistant, customer service representative, sales associate, internships, junior positions in various fields, and positions in retail or hospitality.

2. How can I choose the right career path at 20?

To determine the right career path at 20, consider your interests, skills, strengths, and values. Explore various fields through internships, volunteer work, or informational interviews. Utilize career assessments or counseling services offered by universities or career centers to gain insights into suitable career paths.

3. What are some key factors to consider when selecting a career at 20?

Key factors to consider include personal interests, growth opportunities, job market demand, salary expectations, work-life balance, skill development, future prospects, and alignment with your long-term goals and values.

4. How can I gain relevant experience for my chosen career as a 20-year-old?

Gain experience through internships, part-time jobs, volunteer work, freelancing, or entry-level positions related to your field of interest. Networking, joining clubs or organizations, and pursuing additional certifications or courses can also enhance your experience.

5. Should I pursue further education or gain work experience at 20?

It depends on your career goals and the industry you wish to enter. Some careers require advanced degrees or certifications, while others prioritize work experience. Consider your aspirations, industry standards, and potential pathways for career advancement before making a decision.

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